No Bake Cookies for Graeme

Peanut butter quickly went from a staple to a luxury in our home once we discovered Graeme’s peanut allergy. We had to rethink our go-to lunch and give up peanut butter balls, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cookies – the list goes on…

I’ve tried to find an adequate substitute in making sunflower seed butter. The reviews are mixed. The sunflower seed butter & jam sandwiches are pretty good, and the cookies are yummy.

But, I’d forgotten about No Bake Cookies. My older sons loved these little oatmeal peanut butter treats which were a breeze to pull together. Sooooo, why not try it with sunflower seed butter…

One Comment to “No Bake Cookies for Graeme”

  1. I really enjoy chocolate no bake cookies! I’ve never tried making them with sunflower seed oil…neat 🙂

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